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    Hi, I'm Khimo and this is my site. I created this site to put my retirement post on display for whoever may want to see it, it's sort of a memorial site for myself (yeah I think I'm important and I have a big ego). I joined Club Penguin in September '09 and joined my first CP Army(The Ice Warriors) in December of '09. My biggest accomplishments were becoming DW and Elites leader. Other significant ranks I achieved were IW 3ic and ACP 3ic. I was also awarded with the title CP Army Legend for my performance as DW and Elites Leader. Also, I was awarded with Biggest Retirement of 2011 although I ironically came back to armies a few months later. Although I am retired I do hang out on xat occasionally. You can find me mostly on ACP chat. Thanks for visiting!

May time never forget

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>insert epic song to go with retirement post<


Kind of ironic isn’t it? There I was a few days ago whining how it sucks that almost all my old friends retired and how I miss them, and here I am leaving you all like they left me. Retirement isn’t an easy choice, but you just know that it’s your time to go, there’s an odd feeling inside you telling you to gtfo of this crap and move on.

My generation of Club Penguin Army members all retired long ago. I did make a new set of friends as the old ones started to leave, but you too will all be gone soon. The joy that I once had in this here will always be there, but I think my time has come. Nonetheless, it has been an honor to lead the Dark Warriors and the Elites, two of the most legendary CP armies ever created. I think my achievements in CP armies speak for themselves.

Leading a major army isn’t easy, most of you know that. It takes up a lot of your time, energy and willpower. That is why I cannot lead an army anymore. To lead an army like DW at such a high level like I did was exhausting, but the fun behind it all is impossible to explain. I’ve accomplished so much, but I now realize that it doesn’t really mean anything in the end. All that matters is that you and I had fun.

I address you on this day, the CP army community, about 3 years from when I joined my first army, aware that it is the last thing I will do in CP armies. Being given the privilege to lead such great armies, to be named a CP army legend and with all the things I have learned and experience I have gained from it, I have one message for you.

Screw it all, have fun. When CP armies start to become a burden then it’s either time to cool down and take it easy, or retire. I’ve chosen to retire as I simply feel as it is my time to move on.

In my time spent in CP armies, the years of joy they brought to me, I’ve met so many people, made a lot of friends, and with them I scarred wonderful memories into my mind, which I hope I never forget. Now it’s time to thank those people and send a final message to each of them(in totally random order). If I didn’t put you down here sorry but it’s just a short list of people really important to me (:

Iceyfeet1234 – You know why you’re up here, and you know what you’ve done for me, you were always a great leader and introduced me into this world. Thanks for giving me a chance in IW, I’ll always remember Gill saying I was a kick-ass 3ic in IW before I retired. You’re a great leader and seeing you retire was pretty sad, as you were the only Leader in CP armies from back in the day that was still around, doing things right.

Motoxjohn – One of my best friends here. I’ve known you forever and I was sad to see you go before me. I wish the best for you in your life and hope your sense of humor never dies.

57to – Also one of my best friends here, I’ve known you for as long as I can remember and won’t forget you, all those times we spent in laughter and messing around cannot be forgotten just like that.

Supperz1 – I can’t thank you enough for letting me re-start the Elites. I hope I didn’t let you down, and I want you to know I think you should be a CP army legend 🙂 Never forget Suppz, “When dawn goes down to day, nothing gold can stay.” єℓιтєѕ♣ωιℓℓ♣яιѕє

Gill1097 – Awesome friend. I’ll forget about the purple I gave you since I’m retiring and all, and I know you never intended on returning it to me but w/e. I know the chances of you reading this are very slim, but I still want to write this down. You’ve been a great friend to me through thick and thin and when you left armies, my will to stay dropped just that much.

Tempahh V and Wiggle Nn– Somehow I always imagined you two as two weird peas in a weird pod. My good friends Temp and Paddy, I met you both in GT, and have loved you ever since. I wish we could go back to those times and re-live them again, but sadly we can’t. It makes me so sad knowing I won’t see you guys anymore…

Austin aka Firemanhg– Also one of the greatest friends I’ve met in this virtual world. Thank you for everything Austin, hopefully I’ll get to see you around on TFM sometimes. “The journey of his leadership, through the cold and well-fought battles throughout the armies he’s been an inspiration too has now come to an end. Let him live on as a legend, a legend of a funny, courage, and pussy-like man. Khimo98.” Lmfaoo ❤

Feephill – Yo SaW, sorry for leaving you and Unk alone to lead DW but I hope you understand why I’m retiring. We’ve had a great run, leading DW to the top and making the best generation DW has ever had.

CircA – I didn’t know you at all until you re-joined DW when I was leader, but we seemed to click right away. We’ve been great friends ever since. I hope you were satisfied with how Golds turned out, gonna miss you bro.

Bid Now – One of my first and greatest friends in CP armies, I will never forget you. To express how much fun I had with you would be to hard with mere words. You’ll hopefully always remain a friend to me and I hope to see more of you somehow…

Donut6780 – I don’t know how to thank you enough. If you hadn’t promoted me from 2ic to leader in DW, who knows, maybe my CP army career would’ve ended right then and I would never accomplish what I did. Thanks Donut.

Bam117 – Great friend. I’ve known you for such a long time and it was hard to say goodbye to you. I’ll miss you a lot Bam. We had some great times and it will be hard to forget them (:

Bepboy9 – I left the Oreos in your hands, and you never dis-appointed me. I was always proud of you =] (http://oreoarmy.wordpress.com/ hehe advertising right there) You were a noob when I met you, but I’ve watched you grow into a great troop. You were always a good friend to me.

Glace – Bro although we’ve kind of grown apart, I’ll never forget the fun times we had. I’ll always remember the good times we shared and I hope you feel the same. Miss ya (;

Albert417 – I wish you all the best as IW Leader, my friend. You’ve been given a rare opportunity, to be leader of the Ice Warriors. I hope you live up to my expectations, too bad I won’t be around to see how it turns out.

Funkikiflurry – I’m going to miss you a lot Funk. I hope you lead the Ninjas to something greater than anyone has before, it was a shame you left so soon and (kind of) shortly after you joined CP armies, you were always a cool guy to hang out on chat with, Ily ):

Hershey658 – I certainly won’t forget how you pced me everyday with a “<3” and I replied with the same every time, I’ll never forget you Hersh ): biG HeArTz 4 HeRsH ❤ you faggot ;D

Brandon aka Wwe Best Fan – You were sort of a mentor for me, the first and basic things I learned about how to lead an army was what I learned from you. You were always a great friend and knew how to make me laugh. Thanks Weewee.

Billy Mays – I’ve known you forever, and you’re one of my best friends here. I’m really going to miss you Billy, you gay little brony. I think the leadership you and Pie had one of the best the Nachos had in a long time.

Flipper7706 – Fleepar my favorite troll. I have a feeling you’ve really disliked me this entire time but I comforted myself by pretending you were just being sarcastic xD either way you be legit.

Ohlie – You, sir, were one of my best friends in CP armies ever. I will have a hard time embracing the fact I won’t see you again, and knowing that bums me out. I’m really going to miss you, Ohlie ):

Greenday9991 – Green, we’re such geezers lol. I know there’s a very small chance of you reading this, but still, it’s the thought that counts. As a wise person once said, “Poop.”

xiUnkown – I’ve known you for such a long time too, ever since GT. Although we haven’t been friend all since then, the past few months we’ve really come close. We had a good time in DW and talking about Liverpool and the PL all the time. Gonna miss you bro, you’re a great leader and I hope you stay that way, YNWA.

Phipy – I haven’t seen you in foreverrrrrrrr, and I’m still missing you even more 😦 Leading DW with you = unforgettable. That generation was certainly one of the best ever, although I did most of the work lololol

Flo – You’re DW’s future in my eyes. It seems after Saw retires it’ll be up to you and Unk to hold down the fort. I wish you all the best as new DW leader, you were always a cool guy (:

Magma781 – OmG everyone that was so awesome like you retired 😦 I miss you Maggy, the way we’d always pretend to hate each other but we both really knew we were good friends (:

Kingfunks4 – MANURE UNITED!! PW sucks please kill them forever lolol no hard feelings, you’ve always been legit Funks, may the shit you’re full of always be the mirror of Man Utd fans =D Jk, I hope you get ACP up high again, gonna miss you man

4996dexter – You disappeared forever ago and there’s no way in hell that you’re reading this but I still feel the need to mention you here Dex (: Sorry for what happened and I know why you had to retire, anyone would in your situation…

Mchappy – My MickHippers =D I’ll miss you a lot Mch ): I hope to see you on TFM and around more. I might visit xat just to see you some time, you were such a good friend and nice to everyone I’ve never really seen someone hate on you. Bye Mch D:

Shaboomboom – Legit as f*ck. Good thing you finally retired unlike Boomer who’s gonna be around until he’s 69. Although you were kind of control freak you were always a cool guy Shabooboob.

Twingy – My 2nd LFC friend, I loved hanging out with you and talking about how Suarez is a world-class player but still an arrogant asshole xD You’ve always been cool and have a good sense of humor, YNWA

Jujuflower – This is one of the most generous people I’ve met in CP armies. She deserves all the thanks possible, and she really never hesitated to help someone in need. You’re a good friend Juju.

Theyt3 – Chances of you reading this are close t 0, but that doesn’t mean you were any less of a friend to me. I miss you a lot Theyt, I remember when you were PDW leader how much fun we had, and in other armies too. Goodbye ol’ friend.

Joker – Maaaaan you’re gonna be one of the most missed people for me 😦 I remember the first time I saw you on chat I thought you were some sort of hacker >noobmoment. You were a good friend Joker, I hope you never change into one of those new Nacho soldiers, you know, the ones that are brony fags 😮 Byeee (hug)

Chrisi Blule – Dat typo in your name lolololol. I’m gonna miss you hoe, we had some good times (:

122344a – Mate we’ve had some good times like you raging at me and I’d rage even harder lolol. I honestly still don’t believe you made AR but w/e I’ll go with it ;D miss ya bro

All Dark Warriors and Elites out there – You are the ones that actually created the army, I just showed you the way of success. Thank you for all your effort and loyalty throughout the years, without you I would never be what I am today.


To the CP Army community, a great quote I always look back on:

Message to CP Army Leaders: Everyone is trying to get back the Golden Ages. I am going to tell you now, You will never get it back. The golden ages are gone, so make some new ages. Declare war, who cares if you will get smothered. Just keep declaring war and you will get as close as you can to the Golden Ages.

-Wii Mountain

Message to the Dark Warriors: Don’t ever throw in the towel. So many armies have fallen, but few claimed themselves dead. They could always rise up back to the top 10 even after a depression. Even if you start getting 5 at events, don’t give up. The point is to have fun, whether you get 3 or 30 at events is just a number. I’m not sure who it was but in my first DW Leadership someone said I was like a brother to all Dark Warriors. I want all of you to be like that to each other from now on because only as brothers can you succeed.

Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal

-Tupac Amaru Shakur

Looking back on my career, I realized I’ve accomplished so much here, from being leader in legendary armies some could only dream of leading like the Elites, DW/Golds, to leading battles for other great armies such as the ACP and IW. There’s not much more keeping me here.

I’ve led the number 1 army, I’ve beaten the best, I’ve commanded the strongest.

It’s time for me to go.

In the end, no one can stay forever(Unless you’re Boomer lolol). I will truly miss each and every one of you, and I wish you all the best. I won’t forget you guys and really will miss you, but returning to armies yet again is something I honestly can’t let happen. The most I can allow myself to do is to visit on chat.

Yes, CP Armies changed me, but in a good way. As I write this post, I remember all the good times I had with everyone. All the times I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe, the battles that were so intense, the moments that made my heart beat faster, and you get that little rush of adrenaline, like I am right now.

I joined CP Armies as nothing, and I now leave them as someone. A troop, a leader, a legend? No. I leave as an ordinary person that has stumbled upon this virtual world of wars, battles, invasions and such, and one that has had a lot of fun during those very moments.

Permanently retired, Khimo

Retirement of Khimo

Note: This was my first retirement, I later un-retired, but feel free to read it anyway x3

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